no makeup, tardis, doctor who, gallifreyan, glasses

This is a photo of me at my barest, the opposite of my Kitsch Vixen self. No makeup, still wet hair (that desperately needs to be cut and re-dyed), and in my PJs.

My name is Cait and I’m a big ol’ nerd. I’m living in Japan (for now) married to a Sailor and I am a cat mom to our two gremlins. I’m a baker/makeup enthusiast/blogger/reading and Netflix addict. Also, I will be getting my Wedding Planner certification in late 2015.

The Scholastic Siren will be where I review books that I read, as well as keeping track of my book count for the year, maybe ramble on about the odd topic or two, and post pictures of my cats.

Favorite Genres: Mystery/thriller, supernatural, young adult, humor, graphic novels/comics

Favorite Authors: Richelle Mead, Carol O’Connell, Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite TPB/Graphic Novels: Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl, Saga, The Rat Queens

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